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We develop sustainable software systems and information integration strategies.

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The Roots

The company was founded as a University Spin-Off from the Environmental Informatics Group at the Saarland State University of applied sciences in 2002. Founders and owners are: Thorsten Hell, Prof. Ralf Denzer, Prof. Reiner Güttler and Sascha Schlobinski. In October 2017 Thorsten Hell aquired all shares and is the sole owner since then.

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A Competent Team

As accomplished computer scientists with substantial IT- and research project experience our staff has the necessary know-how and capacity for the design and implementation of complex information systems. This includes, in addtion to the essential social skills a solid, sound and theoretically grounded comprehension of data base- and software design as well as long term experience in sutainable software development and programming methods.


Based on our experience in numerous national and international projects we can support in your individual endavour.


The user is the center of all phases of software development.

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One of our major business areas is the development of custom made and highly integrated software systems using Open Source GIS-software.

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Our field of research in EU funded projects includes concepts for information integration and large scale architectures very often involving aspects of geospatial data infrastructures.

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cids Toolkit

We use and market cids/cismap our geospatial integration platform as a powerful tool to build sustainable information systems for industry and public bodies.

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We are proven experts in the field architectures of complex, large scale software systems, the concrete use of reference models, service infrastructures and the integration of gesospatial apsects.

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Strong Partners

Through our activities we are well connected to international partners including renowned industry, public bodies, universities and research organisations.

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In frequent Publications in the fields of Decision Support Systems, Spatial Data- Infrastructures und Architectures we can demonstrate that we successfully combine theory and practice.

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Open Source

We use and create open source software for our customer's financial benefit.

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Individual customer support

As a small company we can provide you with fast, indvidual and personal customer support.

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We understand

Our long experience in public body and industry projects helps us to rapidly grasp your individual problem and its context and create custom software perfectly suited to your needs.

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The programming language number one is the weapon of our choice for infrastructure projects and desktop applications that provide an optimal workflow support.

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WEB technologies help to produce scalable applications. Open and standard based interfaces for enhanced accessability and minimal integration effort.

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The most advanced object relational database management system with the powerful GIS extension postGIS is used as the backend of many of our solutions.


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